Traders Net Listings

These are the listing from the the Wednesday Night Traders Net called by Mike KD4MC. All listings will be on until they are sold or told to remove by the seller.

If you would like to list your item on our list, please email or list it with Mike KD4MC on the JARS Wednesday Night Ragchew and Traders Net at 8:30pm.

SellerItemPriceContactDate Listed
WB5ZPQNew UG57B/U$15.00 Each (QTY 4)wb5zpq@nc.rr.com06/28/2022
WB5ZPQUG 176/AG$0.50 Each (QTY 6)wb5zpq@nc.rr.com06/28/2022
WB5ZPQUG-29B NF/NF $6.00 Each (QTY 4)wb5zpq@nc.rr.com06/28/2022
WB5ZPQUG-491/AU$10.00 Each (QTY 2)wb5zpq@nc.rr.com06/28/2022
WB5ZPQUG 175U reducer RG58$0.50 Each (QTY 14)wb5zpq@nc.rr.com06/28/2022
WB5ZPQUG 146/IMP N(M)/SO239$7.00 Each (QTY 4)wb5zpq@nc.rr.com06/28/2022
WB5ZPQUG 260 8X$3.00 Each (QTY 3)wb5zpq@nc.rr.com06/28/2022
WB5ZPQUG-107 B/U (F-M-F) $10.00 Each (QTY 2)wb5zpq@nc.rr.com06/28/2022
WB5ZPQB&W model 595 coax switch $30.00wb5zpq@nc.rr.com06/28/2022