Past LOM’s

Honor Roll 2020

JuneAK4JUWelcome back Brandon AK4JU
MayN4AEDHarley gave it back to me
AprilKI4WAIKept the LID
MarchKI4WAIFor Being Harley
February N4AEDHeld due to no Meeting
JanuaryN4AEDSaid N4AED was well deserving.

Honor Roll 2019

DecemberKJ4QNWJust Because……
NovemberKD4MCGiven the LID for doing a good job
OctoberKK4QDZDecided to keep the LID
SeptemberKK4QDZL-I-D Being A Good Operator
August N/AComing Soon
JulyN/AComing Soon
JuneN/AComing Soon
MayN/AComing Soon
AprilN/AComing Soon
MarchKN4OOIt’s Pete!
February KE4VNXFor Being Nice
January KJ4QNWFor His Obsession With Blue

Honor Roll 2018

DecemberKM4TCWhy Else than being a stellar operator
AugustN4MQUSupport to JARS and LOM
JulyN4RLHe must like the prestige and rewards!
JuneN4RLWho knows? Welcome to JARS perhaps
MayN4RLMost likely unjustly received
AprilN/AComing Soon
MarchN4AEDStepped up to get the LID Circulating again!
FebruaryN/AComing Soon
JanuaryN/AComing Soon

Honor Roll 2017

DecemberN/AComing Soon
NovemberN/AComing Soon
OctoberN/AComing Soon
SeptemberN/AComing Soon
AugustN/AComing Soon
JulyK4OCNo LOM report or accepting award! – RIP Sam!
JuneK4OCFor admitting to not using full Jars Power 100% of the time!
MayKJ4QNWFor admitting the NY Mets are terrible!
AprilKN4OOFor all that he does for Jars!
MarchWA3JJGWaxing the previos LOM!
FebruaryAB4PPHe made the song lyrics!
JanuaryKM4GKTPrevious LOM did not get his New Years Eve greeting!

Honor Roll 2016

DecemberK3CONHe was busy eating when the Award was given!
NovemberN4RLFelt like his name was missing recently!
OctoberKM4GKTHonoring her achievements, badge of honor!
SeptemberKK4TLYCall Sign missing on Award
AugustKK4QEFNo LOM Report, but someone is listening!
JulyKK4QEFDeaf Ears when previous LOM was calling him!
JuneKD4MC & K4VJCGrabbed the lead by delivering Award to her office!
MayKM4GDRChecking in as a visitor on the Jars Net
AprilKM4JTXTrying to out the LOM and accusing LOM of not being on Jars Frequency
MarchKK4KFGNot Updating Website and misspelling LOM’s name
FebruaryKD4MCToo Busy to file LOM Report
JanuaryKD4MCNew Vanity Call Sign missing from Butt Gasket

Honor Roll 2015

DecemberKJ4QNWBeing a superb Net Whip and downright good guy!
NovemberKB4RGCFor failing to be an Elmer by letting license expire
OctoberKM4IJJDid not understand the need for a LOM Report!
SeptemberKM4IJJExtreme Eagerness to be known as LOM!
AugustN4SBB/KM4GDR1st Co-LOM, cause they set the bar high!
JulyN4CBIToo much time cooking and not on the radio!
JuneKM4GKTWelcome Home!
MayKK4KFGUnjustly Rewarded!
AprilKJ4QNWClaims he did not sign the Gasket!
MarchKJ4QNWKept telling the LOM to play in traffic!
FebruaryN/AComing Soon
JanuaryNC4BJNo LOM Report + he operates like a Lid!

Honor Roll 2014

DecemberNC4BJFor Claiming Excruciating Handsomeness
NovemberKK4QQMFailure to file a LOM report
OctoberKK4QQM1st Time Memory
SeptemberK4EUPHeard no Lid like activity so he kept it for himself!
AugustK4EUPWelcome to Jars!
JulyKK4QEFWelcome to Jars!
JuneKE4VNXMike felt she needed it!
MayKJ4ZKJFailure to file a LOM Report!
AprilKJ4ZKJLack of Net Activity!;
MarchNC1NCWelcome To JARS!
FebruaryN/AComing Soon
JanuaryN4RLBad Things happen when you sit on the microphone!

Honor Roll 2013

DecemberKJ4OPHUnjustly Awarded!
NovemberN/AComing Soon
SeptemberWA2YBMThe one and only
AugustN/AComing Soon
JulyN/AComing Soon
JuneN/AComing Soon
MayN/AComing Soon
AprilN/AComing Soon
MarchN/AComing Soon
FebruaryN/AComing Soon
JanuaryN/AComing Soon

Honor Roll 2012

DecemberN/AComing Soon
NovemberN/AComing Soon
OctoberN/AComing Soon
SeptemberN/AComing Soon
AugustN/AComing Soon
JulyN/AComing Soon
JuneKI4WAIComing Soon
MayN4AEDDue to he made Howard (KU4ZH) a theme song. And for being a DAWG.
AprilKU4ZHFor telling the LID he did not care if he got it or not.
MarchWA2YBMFor calling KE4VNX “mean and stern”, and that he had to ‘watch her’. Since when is being stern a bad thing?
FebruaryKE4VNXBecause she never had it before
JanuaryKD4BJDBecause he just hasn’t had
the privilege in a very long time (if ever)

Honor Roll 2011

OctoberKI4VBABecause he could not make the meeting to award it to another lucky JARS member.
JulyKJ4ZKGStephen awarded Billy Newton the lid for timing out the repeater for a grand total of four (4) times!
JuneKI4VBARachael gave it to him for no reason!
MayKJ4OPHcried on the repeater, girl talk on the repeater, and too much chitty chatty with her sister.
AprilWA4AZLFor being an exemplary HAM Radio Operator and that Caitlyn had no one else to give it to.
MarchKJ4EJOFor not turning in Net and Secretary reports.
FebruaryKD4KIIA “Welcome to JARS” gift from Van N4RL.
JanuaryN4RLStephen wanted to give it to someone who has not had it in a long time.

Honor Roll 2010

DecemberKI4VBAReally no reason given by Peggy as to why she gave it to KI4VBA.
NovemberKJ4OPHShe timed out the repeater 2 times. Too many infractions to list here.
OctoberK4OCWas not motivated to give award to anyone due to Byrons death.
SeptemberK4OCByron did not accept the LID Award and gave it back to me. He also called a vote from the club to make me keep the award and of course it passed.
AugustK4OCAccusing her brother KI4VBA of being a non-loving sibling on the air. Pretty weak if you ask me.
JulyKJ4WFKWelcome to Ham Radio gift from her loving brother KI4VBA. Shame on you Stephen for treating your sister like that !!!
JuneKI4VBATalking on his HT while it was plugged in to a wall charger. Terrible noise !!
MayKJ4EJONot taking care of the coveted plaque.
AprilKJ4EJOUsing inappropriate words on the repeater
MarchKI4VBAPurposely over deviating his audio when asked to compensate for his low audio.
FebruaryK4OCTalking on top of nightly net controller thinking he was talking on UHF Rptr
JanuaryKJ4EJONot identifying ever 10 minutes and stating her opinion to often.

Honor Roll 2009

DecemberAJ4NXBurping on the air during the JARS NET!
NovemberNC4XXTiming out a local repeater several times
OctoberK4NGJFor just being Byron !!
SeptemberKB4RZWelcome back to JARS Gift
AugustKI4VBAComing Soon
JulyWB4EBGComing Soon
JuneK4OCCutting TWC line in subdivision
MayKC4PHJComing Soon
AprilKJ4EJOComing Soon
MarchKI4YXOComing Soon
FebruaryAJ4NXComing Soon
JanuaryKJ4DNMComing Soon

Honor Roll 2008

JuneKJ4EJOCalling W4AWB Harley
MayW4AWBCalling the former LOM names and causing problems
AprilKI4WAINot being able to find the volume control knob on his HF radio until someone showed him.
MarchW4JRZBecause his wife wasn’t in the audience?
FebruaryWA4AZLSaying stick a sock in it multiple times
JanuaryNC4BJ Sucking up to the lid.

Honor Roll 2007

DecemberKG4WFGBecause he was bragging about riding his kick-cycle while the current lid was stuck at work.
NovemberNC4RA For telling the lid that he was too good to get it.
OctoberKI4YXONot running full JARS power and making repeater sound bad.
SeptemberWA4AZLCalling N4MQU lid after the club voted not to have a lid. N4MQU explained this to him and he persisted in calling him lid.
AugustN4MQUCalled LID senile
JulyW4JRZWx alert radio heard in background
JuneN3YEPWarning BJ about not giving him the LID
MayNC4BJMost Likely did not file LOM Report
AprilNC4BJCalling Byron Bryan
MarchK4NGJPurposely(?) calling on the previous lid with the wrong call sign
FebruaryWA2YBMGiving advice to the previous lid on how to be a lid.
JanuaryKA0GMYBeing disrespectful to the lid.

Honor Roll 2006

DecemberKI4KUMDisclosing LOM’s Identity prematurely
NovemberKD4QDWQuestionable Identification Procedures
OctoberKD4QDWQuestionable Identification Procedures
SeptemberK4MSEDisclosing LOM’s Identity prematurely
AugustW4JRZMusic heard in the background while transmitting
JulyKG4RMTShe got the award for doing something good. She spoke to him at the Cary Hamfest.
JuneKB7NLAInappropriate comments about a net participants ragchewers delivery.
MayKB7NLAInappropriate comments about a net participants ragchewers delivery.
AprilKE4YHRTold previous LID that he was ineligible and that he didn’t have the guts to give it to him.
MarchKA0GMYBeing disrespectful to the LID
FebruaryWI4PERTimed out the repeater while talking bad about the previous LID
JanuaryN4MQUOpened mouth at the wrong time during meeting