JARS Elections

JARS Elections are Fastly Approaching!! 18 Aug 2022 Meeting will be the elections.

Hello, all our wonderful JARS Members,

Just a reminder that our elections are approaching very fast (18 August 2022). We only have one month until the elections and the nomination list is still very light. Anyone wishing to noninate someone for a position please email KO4VIA@gmail.com to nominate an individual. I will then contact that person and see if they are willing to run. If you give me a quick note as to why you feel that person is a great match for the job, that might help convince the individual to accept the nomination. Please remember that there is a lot of requirements for that individual when it comes to time dedication and number of meeting they must attend. Twice a month meeting (Board of directors and General meetings.) that they must attend.

We appreciate everything that everyone does for the club from filling leadership positions down to going to a meeting. Volunteering time, and checking into our nightly nets also helps keep our wonderful organization going strong. We need people to continue to step up and fill leadership positions to ensure the club goes in a direction that helps all and maintains a path for the future.

Again I would like to thank every member for all they do. A big thank you to Danny Hampton for our repeater maintenance. Also, A Happy Anniversary to our wonder Aubrun Repeater Corporation (EST 1991-07-01) for all they invest in the mighty 147.270

If you have questions or cannot email your information, I will be available at the meeting to talk, and you can always call me.


Jon Veno, KO4VIA