09-30-2021 POTA Activation K-4853 Clemmons Educational State Forest with N4AED & N4MQU

Today was the day that Mark and Richard decided to activate another Park for POTA. They decided to activate Clemmons Educational State Forest just out side of Garner, NC. The setup was not bad with Marks Chameleon HF antenna. Richard put it up while Mark got his Radios, solar panel and coaxial cables ready. They started to make contacts about 3:30pm till a little after 5pm. When they were visited by the Park Ranger and advised us the Park Closed at 5pm and that we locked in. Another Park Ranger arrived and questioned me about why they were not out in time. They explained that they were doing POTA and just got the 10 calls to Activate the Park. I guess they will have to speak to the Park Ranger on the next try out.

Mark Gibson Photos

Come out and join them at the next POTA activation. Let make NC big in POTA!!!!!